How To Make A Pancake In Your Rice Cooker

Yes, this pancake hack that everyone's been talking about actually works.


Simply whisk together the pancake mix, egg and water in your rice cooker and flip the on switch. In about 45 minutes (or however long your rice cooker takes to cook a batch of rice) you'll have the resulting cake that's dense yet springy and fluffy.

Imagine all the things you can do with 45 minutes not dedicated to cooking and flipping one to two pancakes in your tiny pan on your stovetop. You can...

  • Watch four episodes of Adventure Time (and have one minute to spare as you watch this BMO scene two more times).
  • Make a 5-minute syrup, fry up bacon and eggs, set the table, check your email and update your Facebook status to tell everyone that you're finally making a giant rice cooker pancake.
  • Call your mom and then clean your bathroom. (Because you probably don't do either of those things often enough).
  • Do one of those high intensity cardio workout videos.
  • Read one lengthy New Yorker article. (Or maybe I just read slow.)

You can add some mix-ins if you feel brave. Sliced bananas, a cup of blueberries or a handful of chocolate chips would be some good ideas. In this particular batch, I swirled in 3-4 tablespoons of chocolate almond butter. Just don't forget to make some homemade syrup!

And when you talk to your mom, please send her my love.