Fried Rice That's 'Absolutely Phobulous'

What: Vietnamese food Where: Absolutely Phobulous in Encino and West Hollywood

Must Order: Jen's Shrimp Rice

The Verdict: Everyone has their choice for comfort food. Some people like a hearty soup when they're having a bad day; others take to mac 'n cheese. One of my favorite comfort foods is fried rice -- but it has to be done right. Whenever I go to Absolutely Phobulous I order Jen's Shrimp Rice. I don't know how they've managed to create such a delectable dish out of few basic ingredients. It's just fried rice with chopped carrots, peas, scrambled egg and plump shrimp (for only $8.50). But the execution is spectaular. It's savory, it's just salty enough and the amount of each ingredient is just right.

And, since you're already here, make sure you order the Soda Chanh ($2.50). A sweet, sparkling lemonade drink, it's a fun treat for yourself once in a while. Oh, and the Pho? You can never go wrong with a big bowl of it. My choices are either the beef combo or seafood. The beef ($7.50) is always sliced into tender, thin strips, and the seafood ($8.50) is fresh and generously heaped into the soup.