Beer for the Bold: Lobotomy Bock and Blueberries

I'll say it first: It's weird. Truly. Beer with lemonade is unusual enough, but mixing it with blueberries? I stumbled upon this little drink/snack mix the other day. I had some friends and family over to watch the Lakers-Celtics game, and seeing as how it was Game 7, I knew I had to have a decent array of goodies. I bought beer, ordered hot wings and put out a bowl of fruit for some cool refreshments.  As we closed in on the second half of the game, I popped open a cold bottle of Lobotomy Bock and anxiously noshed on food within arm's reach -- the bowl of blueberries. I was instantly blown away by deep flavors, the contrasting tones. Somehow, this combination makes the booze 'n berries taste earthy and vibrant, with a new layer of richness. The blueberries become sweeter and the beer tastes more comforting, almost like chocolate-flavored coffee. This is definitely a must-try -- snack on the berries while sipping on beer, or mix the two for a thick, robust drink.

Ingredients (for a mixed drink) 1 bottle of Lobotomy Bock 1/4 to 1/3 cup of blueberries

1. Add blueberries to an empty pilsner and pour beer over it. Muddle the berries by smashing lightly with a spoon or whisk, then stir gently.

Where do I get Lobotomy Bock? So far, it seems this dark Californian beer is available only at Whole Foods.