Toast and Eggs at Susan Feniger's STREET

What: Asian-American Fusion; small plates Where: Susan Feniger's STREET in Hollywood

Must-Order: Kaya Toast

The Verdict: Because this site is called Delish Megish, I don't write about restaurants that serve up food that's anything short of delicious. I debated whether I should even mention Susan Feniger's STREET. To be honest, I found most of the food to be bland, uninspired (and over-cooked) versions of East and South Asian dishes. But there was one dish that caught my attention -- the Kaya Toast. It's a funky-sounding combination: coconut jam and butter is spread over white bread toast and served alongside a sunny side up egg drizzled with soy sauce and a small handful of arugula.

Maybe I haven't appealed to your palate yet, but I'm sure I have your attention. The Kaya Toast packs every flavor and every texture imaginable: It's sweet, creamy and salty. The toast is crunchy, the jam is smooth and the eggs are silky. To top it off, Susan Feniger even offers her recipe on the restaurant's site, here. It's not the simplest treat to prepare, but it'll be worth the effort if you're curious.